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We had the Honor to Present at “Meet the Employers” Seminar Hosted by University of Cyprus

On Wednesday, 19th of February, iSPIRAL participated in Meet the Employers, a carefully designed seminar aiming to educate UCY students on the profession they chose and what companies require to hire them.

Our Managing Director Christos Ttiniozou, delivered a fully informative presentation on the topic, covering various aspects on the rapidly changing business environment in Cyprus and the world and how future professionals can excel in it. Part of the talk was the office environment which has been revolutionised over the past years in order to appeal to Millennials and the anticipated Generation Z professionals, showcasing iMATTER, a statement in the workplace environment by iSPIRAL, encouraging gender equality, work/personal life balance, fair payroll and many other niche propositions.

Participants also had the opportunity to receive extensive knowledge on the career paths offered by iSPIRAL (Programmer, Business Analyst and Marketing Officer) and receive tips on how to meet employers requirements and build a successful career path.

From the seminar, we keep the great hospitality that the University of Cyprus showed us and the fact that the new generations seem more and more promising as the passion in learning and the dedication showed by them during the event was remarkable.

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