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We help firms to earn the confidence in managing AML, KYC and Financial Crime Risks. Our aim is to fight Financial Crime, Fraud, human and drugs trafficking at global scale

Revolutionising Compliance Processes

Our Story

iSPIRAL is a leading regulatory technology software provider delivering state-of-art AML, KYC, Risk and Compliance solutions. Over the past 14 years we helped hundreds of organisations meet their compliance and regular obligations.

Our expertise spans in various sectors such as Banking, Investment, Forex, Insurance, PSPs, Audit, Legal firms, Telecommunication providers, Hospitals and Clinics, and Governmental bodies.

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What do we want to achieve

Our mission

iSPIRAL helps companies securely, effectively and effortlessly operate and comply with worldwide regulations. Open innovation is a welcomed approach in the compliance sector, as newer solutions require both the knowledge of regulations and technology. Our partnerships with regulatory bodies, industry experts, data analysts are a leading factor in achieving our goals.

Our Vision

The driving force that led us to evolve through the years and continue to excel in what we do is our scope. At iSPIRAL we envision a world without financial crime, money laundering, human and drug trafficking and fraud.

Our Values

Our Values
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Professional Work is in our DNA

We are passion fueled and focus driven. The professionals that make up iSPIRAL’s team are characterised by their friendliness, innovation and quality of service.

Powered by customisation, and breakthrough technologies, our solutions are unique to their nature. Our software offers a smooth user friendly interface making them easy to learn and enabling seamless operation. As of lately, our primary focus is on experimenting with new technologies such as BI analytics and machine learning, embedding them to iSPIRAL’s software, aiming for breakthrough automated solutions that will revolutionise the way firms operate compliance and risk wise.

Highest Quality – Extensive Experience – Constant Innovation

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