Onboarding, KYC & AML (RegTek+) Solution

A Complete Client Lifecycle Management, KYC & AML (On-Premise and SaaS) Solution which streamlines all your day-to-day compliance operations, from Onboarding to client acceptance, transaction monitoring and screening, detecting suspicious activity and managing investigations

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The Future is RegTek+

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Automate the ID verification process and collection of data (e.g. economic profile, documents) through your own custom client portal for individuals and corporate entities.

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Speed up the AML compliance process with automatic risk assessment, electronic identity checks, PEP and Sanction checks on new and existing clients and on an ongoing basis.

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We perform real-time transaction monitoring and Screening and post-transaction monitoring to detect fraud and money-laundering anomalies using rule engine and machine learning predictive models.

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Real-time data and Decisions. We’ve built a powerful next-generation AML technology which disrupts conventional thinking related to Onboarding Compliance Profile Management, connecting multiple data repositories and Transaction monitoring & Screening.

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Client Lifecycle Management (Onboarding and KYC)

RegTek+ Platform

Near real-time onboarding that will free up time for your compliance officers and create a smooth experience for your clients by eliminating false positives with the use of global AML databases.

onboarding kyc aml regtek -aml onboarding
onboarding kyc aml regtek

Risk Assessment

RegTek+ Platform

An Advanced risk scoring and assessment tool that evaluates AML risk based on parameterised risk factors.

AML Transaction Monitoring

RegTek+ Platform

Accurately identify behavioural changes in client transactions, and receive in-depth alerts showcasing possible money-laundering scenarios while taking into account all parties involved.

ispiral onboarding - regtek
ispiral onboarding -aml onboarding

Transaction Screening

RegTek+ Platform

Enables you to perform screening against a sanctions list database and detect risk in beneficiaries, senders and other data elements within the payment messaging.

PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media Monitoring

iKYC Platform

Powered by global databases, this offers a dynamic risk identification of politically exposed persons, real-time monitoring of comprehensive sanctions data, and enhances the workflow of compliance screening with a plethora of negative news while minimising false positives.

ispiral onboarding
onboarding kyc aml regtek

Digital Identity Verification & Screening

iKYC Platform

Your One-Stop Identity Verification Resource.

More and more companies are required to know the true identities of their customers before conducting business with them. With iKYC, you can deploy independent reference data in a fast, low friction and affordable way to instantly verify the identities of customers, partners, or counterparties, no matter the person’s country of origin.

Why RegTek+

Client Stories

XM Trading Point

XM is an established international forex broker firm and a true industry leader. XM chose iSPIRAL to address its compliance obligations and at the same time maximizing productivity.