Risk Assessment

RegTek+ Platform

We Standardise, Measure, and Explain your Risks

Minimizes false positives

Multijurisdiction & Multi Regulator

Customisable risk factors

Automate and Simplify your Risk Assessment Approach

A multi-user platform that consistently responds to regulators worldwide, identifies money-laundering risk within and across lines of businesses, and mitigates risk by filling the gaps in AML controls.

Presentation-ready reports, summaries and scoring deliver a comprehensive money-laundering risk profile to examiners, board members, and stakeholders.

Compliance Risk Assessment
transaction monitoring risk assessment

Risk Assessment Tailored to your unique Compliance needs

The approach of risk evaluation and assessment is different depending on the regulator and the jurisdiction in which your organisation operates. Our solution delivers a comprehensive, automated risk assessment to fit your industry, business model, customer base, products and services, distribution channels, regulatory environment, and risk appetite.

Our flexible and scalable platform is ideal for performing compliance risk assessment financial institutions, gaming companies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), shipping companies, and maritime trade companies.


Risk Assessment Approach
Tailored Risk Assessment


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Client Stories

aml risk assessment software

XM is an established international Forex Broker firm and a true industry leader. XM chose iSPIRAL to address its compliance obligations and at the same time maximizing productivity.

Windsor Brokers
identity verification service

Providing a leading Forex Broker with worldwide presence, a fully-automated, robust AML and KYC Compliance Solution that enables seamless risk management.

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