Fraud and Financial Crime can occur across any number of sectors and Insurance Firms are no exception
insurance firms - ispiral insurance

Why Insurance Companies entrust their compliance operations to us

The regulatory environment engulfing Insurance Firms is burdened with a magnitude of controls and regulations that aim to minimise and mitigate risk, including the density of processes between departments. This necessitates the use of processes which involve radical and effective breakthroughs in ‘Know Your Customer’.

Assessing Risks adds immeasurable value to the goodwill of organisations. It also protects Insurance companies against the damaging effects of the money-laundering activities which are so detrimental to an organisation’s brand name.

Understand your Risks to manage them effectively

insurance firms - ispiral insurance
insurance firms - ispiral insurance

Managing your Risks and Operations

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution (embed link to the solution) offers unrivalled insights and control mechanisms in relation to Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit, and Incident Management, while securing a risk-based approach to managing and mitigating Risk.

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Client Story - Bank of Cyprus

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What our clients think of us

“We have incorporated iSPIRAL’s solutions and there are measurable results in productivity and efficiency. This of course would not have been possible without the continuous support from iSPIRAL team members.”

Koulia Vaki, Director

Cyprus Bar Association