Developer API

Integrate our iKYC services into your compliance processes

Take Advantage of our API

iKYC API Platform is highly versatile which accepts requests directly from an organisation’s existing system (e.g. CRM, Core Banking) and instantaneously returns results.

The API Platform provides:
1. Transaction Screening.
2. PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media – Ongoing Monitoring.
3. PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media – Adhoc Search.
4. Electronic Document Verification.
5. Electronic identity Verification.
6. Fraud Risk.
7. Biometric face matching.

We support you from the first step

Our API comes to enhance your Client onboarding and monitoring processes by introducing seamless automation and enable fast access to customer information. The aim is to offer exceptional customer experience and help your compliance officers to accelerate their operations.

Get Started - Sandbox Testing

To start off you will need to receive API and profile credentials, and if you experience any difficulties you can contact our support team. Our API comes with a sandbox testing environment that will simulate a vast range of variables so you can experiment without extra cost.