Velos Software Platform

Unified Software solution for Accountants, Lawyers, and Fiduciary companies that automates company formation, KYC & AML, CRM and Time & Billing

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The Velos Software Platform is a dynamic and comprehensive Solution which addresses the needs of Fiduciary, Accounting/Audit and Legal Professionals such as those involved in Corporate Management, Time Management, Billing, and Accounting.

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Delivering effortless KYC/AML control, each of the Solution’s 8 high-impact Modules ensures your organisation remains ahead of compliance requirements while simplifying and streamlining your most costly and time-consuming processes.

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Velos Software Platform Modules are offered as stand-alone software tools and, when integrated, deliver greater visibility and functionality.

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Velos KYC/AML is a Comprehensive Software Solution which allows your organisation to stay ahead of compliance concerns. A valuable tool for compliance officers, Velos KYC/AML delivers valuable insights in terms of Knowing Your Customers while acting as a constant monitoring Solution.

The Solution automatically assigns a risk rating to clients based on more than 40 parameters as defined by CySEC, SELK, CYBAR, thus saving time and money and allowing your organisation to function effortlessly. Key features:

velos software platform
velos software platform

Corporate Administration & Secretarial

Automated Corporate/Entity Management is crucial to busy professionals all over the world. The Velos Corporate Administration is an automated Module which delivers a comprehensive range of entity management, corporate governance, and company secretarial services, providing a distinct advantage in terms of entity data efficiency and security. Key features:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manages clients’ personal data, improving customer communication and instantly addressing client issues while tracking sales leads, and conducting and monitoring marketing campaigns. Includes customer & contact management, setup tasks & sales activities, and manage email campaigns.

ispiral Velos - kyc software solutions
velos software platform

Time Management

Time Management Module is an effective and powerful time tracker that delivers:

Effective time management is vital and enables any organization to work smarter: completing each job both quickly and precisely. By delivering information on project profitability, and through the identification of any potential issues and the setting of mitigating actions, problems are solved immediately and have no avenue to grow.

Billing Management

Billing Module is a software tool that makes it easy to track time with respect to billable hours for each project thus ensuring transparency and accurate invoicing. Overall, it organizes budgeting and client billing taking the guesswork out of the billing and budget preparation

ispiral Velos - kyc management software
ispiral Velos - kyc software solutions

Transaction Monitoring

iSPIRAL’s Automated Transaction Monitoring Solution procedure enables institutions within the financial sector and beyond to automatically record and review customers’ transactions.

This takes place on either a daily or real-time basis, and incorporates procedures which immediately identify and create alerts or cases for any suspicious activity, while providing users with the ability to manage each case separately.


Automation in policies and procedures will play a vital role in how responsive organizations are to accommodate the specifications set by the GDPR Directive.Any automation tool that will be employed to facilitate the enforcement of GDPR requirements must fully comprehend the complex nature of the compliance needs that are embedded in the nature of the directive. Key features:

velos software platform
velos software platform


Our Payroll system aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company’s employee. It organizes the whole procedure of employee payment and employee taxes. Key features:

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