Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Partnership with iSPIRAL

When it comes to partners, we choose to collaborate with like-minded firms and individuals, helping each other to achieve our similar values and goals. Our partnerships are wide and varied, of a technological, sales or business development nature.

Our Major Collaborators

We value collaborating with visionary organisations, and aim for a global market without financial crime. For this reason, we emphasise the building of long-lasting relationships so that, together, we can achieve our goals.

Partnerships across the Globe

Our list of partners is continuously growing, as both professionals and corporations aspire to fight financial crime alongside iSPIRAL. Such partners include compliance and AML consultants, system integrators, managed service providers, and value-added resellers, all of whom can be found in various locations around the world.

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iSPIRAL collaborates with some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

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What our Partners specialise in

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Technology Providers

Companies that serve solutions such as CRM or other relevant services enhance their offering by delivering unrivaled customer experiences.

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Compliance Consultants

Supply your clients with user-friendly, accurate, and efficient regulatory technology software, and provide them with the knowledge to fight financial crime.

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System Integrators

Help your customers generate impeccable experiences for their clientele by providing convenient and cost-effective services which deliver new levels of satisfaction.

Why Partner

Be part of the story. Fight financial crime on a global scale with us

iSPIRAL develops unique, state-of-art regulatory technology platforms incorporating machine learning and BI Data. Over 350 corporations in 6 countries (including Banks, Financial Providers and many of the biggest Forex Brokers worldwide) trust us implicitly.

Provide remarkable RegTech Solutions

iSPIRAL’s platforms are not only cogs in the wheel of today’s RegTech industry, but invaluable building blocks of its future. With the use of BI Data and AI, our solutions adapt to each firm differently, coexisting with currently emplaced operating software as master puzzle pieces.

We are here for you

You can focus on driving lead generation and sales, while our team of highly-trained professionals covers the technical, promotional and operational aspects.

Partner Programs

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Resell RegTek+, eGRC, iKYC and Velos Platforms to new customers, using our joint value proposition and making the necessary investments in sales and marketing. Associate partners work with iSPIRAL Channel Managers to develop a go-to-market plan and ensure success, from onboarding to execution.

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Custom Integration

Choose the solutions which reflect your business and enrich your product line, creating a hard-to-resist market proposition. This program will allow you to enter the market faster and with proven software which will create a low investment risk and lead to higher ROI.

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White Label

Enhance your existing product offerings by integrating them with iSPIRAL’s solutions and formulate breath-taking software that will allow you to market directly and at a lower risk, saving time and resources. The end result can lead to an increase in sales that will rank your firm as a market leader.

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Marketing Referral

Work with us to establish an initial joint value proposition, with the end goal of building a long-term relationship. At this level, Partners refer opportunities and iSPIRAL manages the sales cycle. Once the deal is won, Partners receive a percentage of the deal based on a pre-negotiated rate.