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Meet our Team of Professionals

Our team consists of passionate enthusiasts that are inspired by your complex and demanding challenges and will help you revolutionise your compliance processes.
management team - ispiral Christos
Christos Ttiniozou

Managing Director & Co-founder

A leader, mentor, and visionary, Christos is responsible for formulating the strategic vision, executing our business objectives, and building and guiding the iSPIRAL team. Christos has an academic and working background in the USA and Cyprus where he gained valuable experiences and knowledge on the sector of regulatory technology on a global scale. As of lately, his primary focus is on experimenting with new technologies such as BI analytics, machine learning and blockchain, embedding them to iSPIRAL’s solutions, aiming for breakthrough automated solutions that will revolutionise the way firms operate compliance and risk wise.

management team - ispiral Tasos
Tasos Ttiniozou

Executive Director & Co-founder

With a career highlighted by experiences earned internationally from renowned financial firms and a US academic background, Tasos expertise is to help clients overcome their obstacles and issues and achieve excellence. Bringing his considerable technical acumen to bear on the management of Operations and projects. His performance-driven approach, grasp of strategy, and empowering leadership also translate to everyday life: a keen sportsman with a love of travelling, a constant thirst for knowledge has allowed Tasos to experience countries and cultures the world over.

management team - Kyriakos
Kyriakos Kyriakides


With an incurable passion for programming and extensive knowledge on the field of software engineering, backed up by years of experience, Kyriakos ensures impeccable design, development and maintenance of our solutions. Our Software Team Leader is adept at unravelling technical complexities, and well-known in the industry for leading his team to success after success. Always patient, professional, and hard-working, Kyriakos relaxes by travelling to delightfully unusual destinations around the globe.

management team - Maria Kyriakou Manager
Maria Kyriakou


Defined by her precision in achieving perfection and near infinite amounts of energy, Maria is a resourceful and highly accomplished software engineer. Both logical and creative, she applies her keen knowledge of software engineering to the design and evaluation of iSPIRAL’s software and services. Being socially intelligent is a charisma that helps her to lead teams effectively. Passionate about everything she touches, Maria is also the office’s resident football expert.

Team | Marina
Marina Sizinou


Fascinated by engaging with various firms and industries and with analytical thinking, Marina is a sharp decision-maker with the ability to deliver effective solutions to resolve clients’ needs and issues. Our Senior Business Analyst boasts more than 10 years of industry experience in sectors ranging from financial to shipping, hospitality, investment, and insurance making her an ideal professional to work with no matter what your business structure and industry niche is.

Domna Pericleous management
Domna Pericleous


Characterised by her analytical skills and love for establishing practical and proven-to-work methods, Domna is the orchestrator of project workflow and implementation. With experience spanning various sectors within the financial industry, our Project Manager ensures great software implementation even for the most complex compliance structures.