Transaction Screening

RegTek+ Platform

Real-Time AML Screening for Payment Messages (e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, ISO20022)

Frictionless API Integration

Supports most popular Payment Messages (Swift, SEPA, ISO20022)

Support both On-Premise and Cloud Solution

What is transaction screening?

Real-time pre-clearing transaction screening enables the identification and management of all parties involved in payments. iSPIRAL’s RegTek+ Transaction Screening compares the payment information against a predefined set of reference data of your choice.

The learning system remembers recurring parties, and will continue to monitor them for changes in the reference data. Our Solution ensures that every hit only needs to be processed once, and includes special rules to screen any remittance text.

transaction screening
Transaction Screening Services

Key Features

Main Advantages

transaction screening key features
Real time transaction screening

Support Multiple Payment Messages & Screening against hundreds of Sanctions List with a Single API

Identify risk in senders and beneficiaries, as well as other elements of a transaction such as reference text and payment narrative, by screening against a consolidated, near real-time database.

Key Conclusions

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Client Stories

Windsor Brokers
identity verification service

Providing a leading Forex Broker with worldwide presence, a fully-automated, robust AML and KYC Compliance Solution that enables seamless risk management.

digital id verification

With over 40 years of experience in financial markets, the firm requested a comprehensive risk management solution. Learn how our AML Risk Assessment met HYCM needs…

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