PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media

iKYC Platform

Simple, Flexible Pricing Plans for PEPs, Sanctions, and Adverse Media Screening

Seamless onboarding

Ongoing Monitoring

Highly Configurable API

Determine with whom you can conduct business

A Solution which aggregates thousands of government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists, sanction lists and PEP profiles checked on a daily basis using global insights. The software offers reduced false-positive alerts and seamless single API integration.

Adverse News Screening
Adverse Media - peps and sanctions

Access API or through web portal

Our Solution enables you to closely monitor your clients and cases both in office and from the comfort of your home, via our web portal or through API integration.

Fuel your compliance operations with immense amounts of News Insights

The Solution’s ability to analyze millions of adverse news screening items every day allows for significant negative media attention.

Adverse News -adverse media
Connector to multiple Data Providers

Connector to multiple Data Providers → offered through a single API

Use a single API and access multiple Market Data Providers.

Process AML Screening with our Batch Service

Regulators across the globe are refining regulations related to Due Diligence, AML and KYC to ensure financial institutions (FIs) are implementing regular identity checks against AML sanctions lists and watchlists to detect and report any illegitimate and suspicious activities.

Process AML Screening
Monitoring Capabilities of API

Ongoing Monitoring Capabilities through our API

Screen your clients against AML Sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists on a daily basis using our integrated API Endpoint.

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Client Stories

Windsor Brokers
identity verification service

Providing a leading Forex Broker with worldwide presence, a fully-automated, robust AML and KYC Compliance Solution that enables seamless risk management.

digital id verification

With over 40 years of experience in financial markets, the firm requested a comprehensive risk management solution. Learn how our AML Risk Assessment met HYCM needs…

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‌AML‌ ‌Transaction‌ ‌Monitoring‌
‌Transaction‌ ‌Screening‌
Client Lifecycle Management (Onboarding and KYC)
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