Digital Identity Verification & Screening

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Verify over 100 million businesses and 4.5 billion people worldwide

Data Analysis on a global scale

Absolute proof of authenticity

Highly Configurable API

Key Modules for Digital Identity Verification Service

Digital Identity Verification service
Digital Identity Verification & Screening

Scale your Business

Expand into new countries and regions, adapting effortlessly to the local verification landscape.

Expand into the future, handling changing regulations and scaling your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance processes.

Verify 4.5 billion identities using external data sources

To request a verification, you can send data such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, and National ID number, and we’ll instantly return the match results. Validate against hundreds of quality data sources – including sources from Telco networks, Banks, Consumer lists, Governments, Business Registrars and Utility lists – in 47+ countries.

Modules for Digital Identity Verification Service
Digital Identity Verification

Video Identity Verification for 6 billion people

Authenticate ID documents effectively

Frictionless ID document verification technology ensures you onboard legitimate customers quickly and securely. Customers can capture images of ID documents (Passports, Identity cards, Driver licences) using a mobile device or webcam, and these documents are then fully authenticated using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Know Your Business (KYB) with instant access to global registers

How can you ensure the companies you’re onboarding are legitimate ventures and not false fronts for corruption, fraud and money laundering? We can help you verify data such as Registration Number, Company Name, Date of Incorporation, VAT number, Status, linked officers, activity, shareholders and UBOs.

Frictionless Integration Options

digital identity verification & screening service
Digital Identity Verification & Screening Online

Combat Fraud Effectively

We perform analysis of a broad range of possible signs of fraud, such as velocity analysis of IP addresses, customer addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, proxy detection and devices. Furthermore we use IP addresses to find suspicious pairings of user locations with IP network information. enables you to make faster, smarter decisions by helping you decide which transactions or events to accept, reject, review, or feed into your own risk modeling.

Social Media Image Monitoring

The tool aims to monitor all images displayed by selected accounts in social media, check Financial Organisations’ advertising content, and assess whether it follows the regulatory obligations. Our AI Solution extracts and analyses all image content uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and websites, and checks for discrepancies within each image and whether it complies with the regulators’ guidelines (e.g. celebrity endorsements, keywords or phrases that should not be used, or objects such as the euro or nudity which should not be shown).

Digital Identity Verification Online
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Client Stories

Windsor Brokers
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Providing a leading Forex Broker with worldwide presence, a fully-automated, robust AML and KYC Compliance Solution that enables seamless risk management.

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With over 40 years of experience in financial markets, the firm requested a comprehensive risk management solution. Learn how our AML Risk Assessment met HYCM needs…

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