Be KYC & AML Compliant with minimum effort.

Strengthen your ability to comply with an award-winning Unified on-premise platform to automate your Onboarding, KYC, and AML Transaction Monitoring with huge experience on Forex and Electronic Money Institutions.

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Risk Ranking and Scoring doesn’t get any faster than Real-Time!

Find out how our AML Transaction Monitoring module can help you amplify your monitoring capabilities

Our KYC & AML Solutions

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Client Lifecycle Management

Offer the best onboarding journey to both your clients and Compliance Officers. Earn a positive first impression.
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Risk Assessment

Score the AML risk exposure of your clients and meet compliance commitments across multiple jurisdictions.
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Transaction Monitoring & Screening

Detect/identify irregular behaviours on client's transactions with rule engine and machine learning models.
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Digital Identity Verification

Real time access to hundreds of global KYC data sources using an integrated API or web portal.
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Why RegTek+

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AML KYC Compliance Service Online


We understand the complex nature of Banks and other Financial Institutions and we simplify their processes by revolutionizing compliance and automating onboarding.

iSPIRAL assists Investment firms to tackle key client compliance challenges by using automation.

Trusted by the top global forex brokers, iSPIRAL assists to automate their compliance processes, and stay up to date with the latest regulations in multi jurisdictions by using machine learning and BI Analytics driven solutions.

We specialize in helping Payment firms onboard efficiently prospects and perform instant global compliance by utilizing hundreds of KYC data sources.

iSPIRAL is selected by several Insurance firms to deliver its onboarding processes and address fraud and financial crime obligations that occur in the sector.

iSPIRAL fully understands the challenges of gaming and gambling firms as they face the challenge of both AML and KYC. For that reason, our RegTek+ solution helps them comply, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Client Stories

XM Trading Point

XM is an established international forex broker firm and a true industry leader. XM chose iSPIRAL to address its compliance obligations and at the same time maximizing productivity.


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