Client Lifecycle Management (Onboarding and KYC)

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Empowering digital transformation from Onboarding to KYC review

Fast client onboarding

Automated review of client profiles

Whitelabel Client portal with Video Conference

Client Lifecycle Management

Client Lifecycle Management solution of RegTek+ platform utilises the best of emerging technologies to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders, starting with clients, and continuing to their employees, regulators, and shareholders.

RegTek+ ensures the collection of client data is fully in line with KYC & AML requirements.

Client lifecycle management solution
Client lifecycle management

Financial Institutions need Client Lifecycle Management digital solutions:

Client Onboarding

The Client Onboarding module supports the account opening process which includes dynamic questionnaires, list of documents to be uploaded, and parameters which must be set for risk rating.

Best-in-class client experience for video identification, document verification, face matching and advanced digital signature.

Client lifecycle management digital solutions
Client lifecycle management service

KYC Review

The KYC Review module enables your organisation to automatically and seamlessly support the review of Client Profiles. Periodic and event-driven reviews are triggered via a set of pre-defined criteria or via alert messaging from the back-end systems or transaction monitoring tools.

KYC review processes are customisable using our workflow engine.

Key Features

client lifecycle management solutions
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Client Stories

Windsor Brokers
identity verification service

Providing a leading Forex Broker with worldwide presence, a fully-automated, robust AML and KYC Compliance Solution that enables seamless risk management.

digital id verification

With over 40 years of experience in financial markets, the firm requested a comprehensive risk management solution. Learn how our AML Risk Assessment met HYCM needs…

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‌AML‌ ‌Transaction‌ ‌Monitoring‌
‌Transaction‌ ‌Screening‌
Digital‌ ‌Identity‌ ‌Verification‌ ‌&‌ ‌Screening‌
‌‌PEPs,‌ ‌Sanctions,‌ ‌Adverse‌ ‌Media‌ ‌(iKYC)‌