Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate -social responsibility


We are not only about business, we are active participators in the overall community

We are grateful of the overall social ecosystem we are part of, thus we strive to help with any way possible, to give back. Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental aspect of iSPIRAL’s character and ethos. Our actions include donating to non-profit organisations, enforcing environmentally-friendly policies within the workplace, or sponsoring local events.

Regional Charities
corporate -social responsibility

We provide charitable donations to a number of hospitals and homes for the elderly, an activity which engages personnel, enhances team-building, and aids less fortunate members of our community.

Part of the Local Community
corporate -social responsibility

Our team has participated in many fundraising and sponsored activities, including the Radisson  Marathon. We also take part in many events designed to raise money for local causes, such as the Vasoula Eleftheriou Fund philanthropic event, as well as clothing drives to raise funds for PASYKAF (the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends).

corporate -social responsibility

Supporting non-profit organisations is a big part of iSPIRAL’s CSR ethos. We are regular contributors to non-profits including the Christina Apostolou Organisation, the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos Mesa Potamos, and the Walking with Elena Foundation (which assists children suffering from long-term diseases, orphans, and families in financial need).

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Our Employees are the most valuable asset

The founding members of iSPIRAL place great value on ensuring all employees enjoy a healthy work/life balance. The HR Strategy of the organisation includes a flexible time schedule for employees; encourages the involvement of families in office events (marathons, tree plantings, social gatherings, etc.); supports the family unit by ensuring a smooth transition for parents during and after maternity or paternity leave; and advocates an annual “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”.

iMATTER, our Point of View

We never stop improving whatever we get our hands on, for that reason we developed iMATTER, a statement on what the ideal work environment is. This programme promotes in its core values:

Equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion
Reconciliation of work and family life
Training and Development of Employees
Condemnation of Sexual Harassment

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