High Risk Corporates

Stay in line with regulations and detect financial crime effectively. Protect your corporation from unwanted penalties and fines

Organizations we assist in the High Risk Corporates sector

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Real Estate Agents
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Imports and Exports
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Luxury Goods

Ensuring your firm is protected from financial crime activities such as money laundering, human and drug trafficking is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Especially as regulatory agencies have now begun turning their attention to a far wider selection of industries, and introducing strict laws to prevent such activities.

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Onboard clients in a timely and cost effective manner

Our Solutions

iSPIRAL’s Solutions span everything from client onboarding to AML and KYC, to Risk and Compliance management. Reduce the time required to comply and increase accuracy.

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Client Story - HYCM

Read our case studies on how we help high-risk corporations.

What our clients think of us

“When it comes to choosing automation to aid your compliance department with AML and KYC objectives, an organisation should evaluate knowledge, expertise and level of support. iSPIRAL and its team of professionals rank high in all these parameters.”

Jessica Tabet, Head of Project Management Operaitons

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