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Sponsoring the 2nd Big Forex Breakfast

iSPIRAL was the sponsor of Big Forex Breakfast’s second chapter, the second bite out of the markets. The digital event took place on Thursday, 15th of October from 10:30 – 12:30 (CET) and it ran successfully with attendees enjoying well-thought presentations. Qube Events and Contentworks, the two hosts of the event did an exceptional job, delivering yet another interactive experience.

The event covered various aspects around sales and acquisition and which sales strategies and techniques are more suitable for lead generation. It pinpointed what will the marketing trends of Q4 be and concluded with Forex & Tech fireside by looking at how processes changed during 2020 and how the Covid 19 challenges like work-from-home reshaped the landscape.

Our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou was among the speakers of the event end presented on how to tackle your onboarding, KYC & AML Challenges while regaining your confidence to comply.

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