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iSPIRAL Team Organising a Beach Cleanup for a Greener Tomorrow

iSPIRAL showcased its commitment to environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility through a successful beach cleanup activity. The event, organized as part of iSPIRAL’s iMATTER initiative, was carried out in collaboration with the organization ‘Together Cyprus’ and their environmental campaign “Let’s Do It! Cyprus”.

The iSPIRAL team gathered on Saturday 20th May, at Pyla CTO Beach, to actively contribute to the preservation of coastal ecosystems. Equipped with the necessary equipment, tirelessly collected and properly disposed of various types of waste, including plastic debris, cigarette butts and food packaging.

Through our iMATTER initiative, we demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and encourage our employees to be engaged in sustainable practices. The beach cleanup activity, aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for environmental conservation and inspire collective action.

iSPIRAL would like to express its gratitude to all our team members who participated, ‘Together Cyprus’ and the local authorities for their support.

Have a look at the photo album of the day:

Artboard 1

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