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iSPIRAL participating at the 6th “e-Residency RISK MANAGEMENT” event in Estonia

FinTech & Crypto Companies Risk Management – New Legal and Regulatory Aspects, and Best Practices.

Our Managing Director will be among the distinguished speakers participating at the 6th “e-Residency RISK MANAGEMENT” practical workshop organized by Finesto Advisors at Tallinn, Estonia on Feb 2nd, 2023.


The event will be focused on Risk Management of FinTech and Crypto companies as well as on the new legal and regulatory aspects of digital finance. Furthermore, it will cover the best practices on the digital finance market, implementing effective sector Risk Management policy, drawing policy guidelines and encouraging active uptake by stakeholders and market participants. In addition, the event will go through the best/worst practices and case studies in public and private sector, both in Estonian and a global perspective. In addition, the focus will be on the practical aspects of the supervision of the FIU, auditing of obliged entities and internal auditing, enhancing the risk management framework and internal control systems, and stepping up the prevention of money laundering. And finally how is e-Residency affected by sanctions imposed after Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.

Christos Ttiniozou, our MD, will be participating at the Panel disccusion: Unified Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (EGRC).

Please find out more info and sign-up on-site or virtual seminar on Feb 2, 2023 here:

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