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iSPIRAL attends the University of Cyprus “Career & Entrepreneurship Day 2023”

As the Regulatory Technology and software industry continues to expand, universities play a critical role in preparing students for careers in technology. On April 6th, members of our team attended the Career & Entrepreneurship Day 2023 at the University of Cyprus and got to meet potential employees and talented individuals.

The students ranged from sophomores and juniors looking for internships, to seniors searching for full-time positions and our team was happy to showcase the interesting opportunities available at iSPIRAL. The team also got to share their experiences working in the Regulatory Technology industry and provided guidance on building a career in tech. The students, in turn, shared their aspirations and goals, asked questions about job requirements and sought advice on how to stand out in a crowded job market.

The caliber of students was impressive and they were curious, passionate with a great desire to learn. We feel optimistic about the future of the Regulatory Technology and software industry with so many talented individuals coming up through the ranks. Many walked away feeling inspired, energized and more confident in their abilities to pursue careers in technology.

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