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Free Webinar: iSPIRAL introduces the DAC6Zoom Online Platform to ensure effortless DAC6 compliance

The latest in a long line of EU directives, DAC6 was voted into law by the Cyprus Parliament on March 18, 2021.

With its punishing sanctions (which, under EU law can total up to 20,000 euros, not to mention complete loss of reputation), failure to comply is not an option: deadlines must be met, rules must be followed, and any Cyprus-based firm that falls foul of the directive will face dire consequences.

To find out more about why your organisation needs to comply with the DAC6, and how the DAC6Zoom Platform can ease your path, iSPIRAL is offering a FREE WEBINAR on Monday, November 22, 2021, at 12 noon.

Broadcast live on Zoom, the webinar will feature compliance experts Andreas Papagavriel, Manager of Baker Tilly’s Cyprus Tax Services Department, and Christos Ttiniozou, Managing Director of iSPIRAL. Register your FREE e-seat now to discover more on such crucial topics such as:

  • What is DAC6?
  • The pressing DAC6 deadline
  • How to meet your DAC6 requirements
  • What are the penalties for non-compliance?
  • How DAC6Zoom can ease compliance

Book your e-seat today, it’s free and takes just a moment!

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