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CNN Greece Interviewed Visa Innovation Companies

Representatives of five companies spoke to CNN Greece and journalist Dimitris Mallas about their experience of being chosen to be part of the Visa Innovation program Team. Among them was our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou.

During the interview, the directors of the 5 companies explained what the program aims to achieve and how it impacted them and their firms to work towards it. As Christos Ttiniozou quoted during the interview “With the Visa Innovation Program we managed to meet our advisors, who conveyed incredible knowledge to us and we have created very strong synergies with the mentors, the other teams and Visa”.

The CNN article is in greek and can be accessed here.

You can also watch the interview video here which features English subtitles.

You can find more on Visa Innovation Program by reading our article on what happened during the demo day here.

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