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Visa Innovation Program Demo Day

Visa Innovation Demo Day took place on Wednesday, 11/11/2020. The day served as the landmark event for the completion of the twelve companies participating in, including iSPIRAL.

Firms and professionals interested in the FinTech and RegTech sectors had the chance to see some groundbreaking solutions from 12 leading startups bayside in Cyprus and Greece. The solutions presented cover areas such as point of sale automation platforms, contactless donations, product delivery, financial management based on artificial intelligence, compliance, ticket issuance and payment, big data analysis and many more. 

The attendees included the stakeholders of the program, Visa and Bank executives, and other important executives of the FinTech sector. The demo day was a well-planned event as it included essential introducing talks and a keynote speech, a panel of FinTech experts. The digital event continued with 3-minute video presentations by the 12 firms participating in the Visa Innovation Program and a Q&A session.

Our managing director, Christos Ttiniozou, participated in the video presentation section where attendees enjoyed an informative 3-minute video on who we are, what we do and what our vision is.

The Program

Powered by Crowdpolicy, Visa Innovation is an institution aiming to help in developing state-of-the-art payment experiences that can improve a business potential successfully and rapidly. The program serves as a collaborative platform enabling Visa’s business partners and FinTech firms to work together on providing tangible solutions to challenges within the market. Its primary focus is to change the cash behaviour of card payments including business to business, consumer to government and vice versa, and the behaviour of both greek consumers and incoming tourists.

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