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iSPIRAL ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ supports future generations

At iSPIRAL, we consider our employees’ work/life balance of the utmost importance, and this means we support our close-knit team not just in the office, but also in their home and family lives. 

As part of the company’s ground-breaking iMATTER initiative, iSPIRAL offers parents a flexible time schedule, a smooth transition for parents during and after maternity or paternity leave, and the involvement of family in office events, such as the recent ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’.

Held this year on September 1, ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ allowed parents to further support the family unit by providing their children with a fantastic day at the office! Kids aged from 1 to 13 spent the day on the premises, discovering more about their parents’ jobs while enjoying a host of organised activities

The youngsters’ day began with a healthy breakfast and a brief company tour, in which children were encouraged to ask questions of any employee and take an interest in the roles that most interested them. Later, the group spent time with their parents, before completing an interactive scavenger hunt and additional fun learning activities. 

“Our ‘Bring your Child to Work Day’ is a great way for families to integrate home and work,” explains Executive Director Tasos Ttiniozou. “It helps parents highlight the importance of what they do away from home, whilst allowing children to broaden their perspective on life, appreciate where a good education can take them, and experience a wide range of potential careers.”

iSPIRAL actively supports its employees – the firm’s most valuable asset – and aspires to become an employer of choice. This includes encouraging future generations in their education and career choices… 

“Children learn not from what we say, but what we do,” Tasos adds. “So providing them with the chance to experience what their parents do on a daily basis is a great learning opportunity. Bring Your Child to Work Days have been proven to enhance youngsters’ leadership and problem-solving skills and, as a company in the STEM field, such Days are especially beneficial for our daughters who are too often discouraged from pursuing careers in technology.”

An exciting and productive experience for the entire staff, iSPIRAL’s Bring Your Child to Work Day is just one of the many iMATTER policies designed to support team members. The event was also notable for its positive impact on the children: by the end of the Day, many of the youngsters clearly expressed a preference for the profession of ‘Manager’!


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