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ACAMS Cyprus Chapter: Game-Changing tactics and knowledge needed to transform your client remote Onboarding processes

iSPIRAL proudly supports the upcoming ACAMS Cyprus Chapter “Game-Changing tactics and Knowledge needed to transform your clients remote Onboarding processes”. The digital event will take place on Wednesday, 4th of November and is one of the most anticipating events for the remaining of 2020. Our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou will be a speaker delivering an insightful presentation filled with practical examples that no compliance officer should miss.


ACAMS Cyprus Chapter is intended to provide a platform for AML and general compliance professionals in Cyprus, across all industries and professional practices, regulators and law enforcement, for the enhancement of knowledge, personal development and exchange of experiences and expertise on anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing. ACAMS Cyprus Chapter welcomes those interested in enhancing their AFC knowledge, even if they are not currently practising in a relevant role.

ACAMS Cyprus Chapter’s vision is to offer an environment that facilitates networking amongst members, encourages its members to speak up and express their ideas and concerns and start thinking outside the box. It envisages discussion to identify practical solutions to aid the implementation of the various provisions of the relevant regulations and related directives, within the framework of required professional and ethical standards. ACAMS Cyprus Chapter aims to achieve these goals by organizing specialized training events to facilitate learning and education, thus supporting ACAMS in its general mission, which is to support and advance the knowledge and skills of the Cyprus AML and financial compliance community.

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