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What is iMATTER initiative?

Groundbreaking HR Policy creates groundbreaking innovation

Since the founding of the firm, founders Christos and Anastasios Ttiniozou have put their employees’ health and wellbeing at the very forefront of internal policy-making. And, over time, this vision has crystallised into iMATTER: a holistic HR Initiative that develops additional policies in support of an ideal work/life balance for all its employees.

 iSPIRAL professionals are not working average 9 to 5 job. They’re contributing to the development of state-of-the-art technology that will shape the future of regulatory technology. These solutions have a very important purpose: to help companies comply with regulatory bodies, detect suspicious activities, and ultimately fight financial crime the world over.


Working as a devoted team to support both local and global communities, iSPIRAL staff are chosen from amongst the best-of-the-best in their fields, and welcomed to the company as part of the family. Team members often share that at iSPIRAL – we’re not a team because we work together, we’re a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.


Equality and Opportunity

It’s a statement that proves the efficacy of iMATTER’s excellent Human Resources policies, which have seen the firm named an Equal Opportunities employer for its implementation of Good Gender Equality practices in the working environment.  This Certification validates iSPIRAL primary corporate philosophy of Trust, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, Service, Innovation and Gratitude.

Company recruits and promotes professional staff on the basis of qualitative characteristics, irrespective of gender; 55% of the company’s Senior Management personnel are female, and all employees performing the same job at iSPIRAL receive equal pay, regardless of gender, age, or background.


Superior Services, Superior Workplace

Actively engaged in developing Regulatory Technology solutions for 10 years, and the creators of leading software solution RegTek+, iSPIRAL focuses on delivering superior services to organisations worldwide. The superior customer services always require outstanding personnel. That is why iSPRIAL Management focuses on nurturing a working environment in which every one of its people is heard, valued, and able to flourish. 

As well as enjoying equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion, employees also benefit from continued professional development, a flexible time schedule, a smooth transition for parents during and after maternity or paternity leave, and the involvement of family in office events. 


Giving Back

iMATTER policies also incorporate the chance to give back through the firm’s strong Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. While the firm regularly contributes to non-profits (such as NGOs which assist children suffering from long-term diseases, orphans, and families in financial need), staff members also participate in many fundraising and sponsored activities.

Since iSPIRAL’s inception in 2007, the team has been involved in sponsored walks and marathons (such as the Radisson Marathon); raised money at worthy events and taken part in drives to raise funds for numerous charities, such as PASYKAF, hospitals and care homes. 

Over the years, the team has spear-headed a number of tree-planting projects and is planning beach clean-ups that contribute to a cleaner, greener world for all.


A Culture of Support

A company is only as good as its employees, and iSPIRAL is proud to employ a team of dedicated, mindful professionals who care deeply about their own wellbeing, that of their colleagues, and the world which we live in.

This ethos is clearly evident to clients, who not only reap the rewards of the team’s innovation and expertise, but also benefit from working with a close-knit network of ethical professionals. 

Testimonials from clients, like “When it comes to choosing automation to aid your compliance department with AML and KYC objectives; an organisation should evaluate knowledge, expertise and level of support. These are three parameters on which the iSPIRAL team rate very highly.” further confirm iSPIRAL initiative.


The Heart of iMATTER

With iMATTER, the firm has created a programme that allows for an ideal workplace, in which flat hierarchies and a supportive environment openly encourage the team to share their ideas; constantly learning, creating, and flourishing. It’s a policy that benefits all, from staff members to clients, and proves that everyone MATTERS.

“At iSPIRAL,” Christos Managing Director concludes, “we’re about constant innovation. And that means we’re not only delivering pioneering products and services, but also providing our employees with a groundbreaking workplace to thrive as individuals.”  

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