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Aa an organisation with innumerable financial dealings, it’s an undisputed fact that you are exposed to financial risk. Attacking in many forms, financial crime and fraud leave your business wide open to risk and its consequent penalties and repercussions.

Taking this into account, iSPIRAL has launched the most comprehensive KYC & AML solution to date, the platform. This includes:

  • Negative Lists powered by ACURIS (Headquartered in London, New York, and Hong Kong, ACURIS boasts 1,300 staff, including 600 journalists and analysts in 67 locations around the world)  and are competing LexisNexis/WorldCompliance and Thomson Reuters/WorldCheck).
  • Electronic Document Verification
  • Electronic Identity Verification (proof of address from positive lists)

Why choose for your clients’ screening / ongoing monitoring and identification?

  1. iKYC Negative List Screening, powered by ACURIS Risk Database Intelligence

ACURIS Risk Database Intelligence numbers amongst the most valued and competitive database intelligences used today in screening, and is differentiated from its competitors by price and ongoing monitoring.

Many of the most influential organisations and regulators in the world use the ACURIS Risk Database Intelligence, including The Bank of America, FCA, Barclays, and Bloomberg.

The Screening includes PEP Lists, Sanction Lists, Adverse Media, and Enhanced Due Diligence Reports.  

  1. Document Verification within delivers a radical approach to document identity verification.

With the use of leading service providers in Electronic Document Verification, eDV verifies the authenticity of documents such as passports, drivers’ licences, ID cards, residency permits.

This service can be used without any setup fees, regardless of the quantity of documents requiring authentication. Is this what you mean?

  1. Electronic Identity Verification within Validation of Proof of Address

The main functionality of Electronic Identity Verification is the confirmation of the validity of the person (client?) with regards to their full name, address, and date of birth.

Using data sources from 45 countries (within 2019, this will be extended to 100 countries), this tool seamlessly and effectively validates your client data.

iSPIRAL Solutions are both time and cost-effective, and ensure your organisation complies fully with your AML Directive.

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