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Work Anniversaries, iSPIRAL’s Long-Lasting Relationships

On Friday 28th of February, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Eirini and Charikleia (Software Developers) and the 2nd anniversary of Marina (Senior Business Analyst)!

Work anniversaries are an important milestone, after all, spending a long time with a great team of individuals is not just another digit on the records, it’s a valuable achievement. Throughout that time professionals build relationships, accomplish goals together, and make an impact, both corporational and social.

At iSPIRAL, we value our employees and celebrate each anniversary with purpose. We don’t just want our employees to be good professionals, we want to help them succeed in their careers and enjoy their time with our firm. Through the Equal Opportunities Employer award by the Ministry of Labour, and the iMatter program we have established, we strive to create an equality-driven culture, high-quality workplace and work/life balance. We provide various benefits such as adjustable and flexible work time that can benefit mothers, equal pay and numerous social events among others.

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