Why you need to automate tracking and billing of time?

Tracking and billing time to clients is an important part of any business that bills for their services. An accurate and timely billing system is one that makes a business be successful and stand out from competitors. Accurate invoices are thus more likely to get paid faster. However, if you fail to bill your time at all or even correctly, then the firm may not be able to invoice the client or even clients may choose to skip payments as they can question the accuracy of the invoice and as a result organisations may lose credibility. Thus, it cannot be disputed that timekeeping is an integral part of the success of an accounting firm.

Accounting Firms that log time and produce invoices manually are more prone to error. Such manual processes are a pain for both consultants and managers since is a time-consuming and inefficient method. If a firm is unable to generate prompt and error-free invoices for the services they perform, client payments are delayed and firms miss out on valuable data for future resource planning and forecasting.  As previously mentioned, errors and omissions in billing can cause the client to doubt the validity of the invoice and the trustworthiness of the organisation as a whole.

Today, the use of technology can replace manual time tracking and billing processes and can offer plentiful advantages. Firstly, time and billing is done through a modern and centralised solution that captures time accurately, increases productivity and improves client relationships. It is a means that produces invoices automatically when needed at a fast rate and increases revenue. Even any friction with clients is reduced through clear and straightforward invoices.

With the use of iSPIRAL’s Time and Billing solution, entering billable time and expense records is quick and easy. Records can flow through to invoices without retyping. Avoid any guess estimations and clients trying to understand what the invoice is all about. Our software makes it easy to track time and invoice clients. It is as simple as that!

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