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VISION FOREX Webinar Aftermath

QUBE’s VISION FOREX webinar took place on July 1st and made for a remarkable event. This chapter series is the successor to BIG FOREX BREAKFAST Webinars and serves as an exceptional concept for Forex professionals.

The digital event featured experts from leading companies within the industry and assessed how best to leverage the latest tech to become leaner, maximize efficiencies and succeed in today’s volatile trading environment.

The core topics of the webinar included:

  • Top financial market trends: Discussion on the latest developments transforming the FOREX markets and how to use them as a competitive advantage
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies: Insights on how to mitigate operational costs, create effective marketing strategies and implementing working lead generation techniques
  • Future Forex: Thoughts on what the future of the industry holds and how to redirect its changing nature effectively

Our managing director, Christos Ttiniozou was the moderator of the interactive panel discussion on FX Compliance Challenges and Opportunities.

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