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Virtual Anti-Fraud Tech Fair Press Release

The International Fraud Awareness Week took place last week (November 15-21, 2020) and ACFE formulated the ideal event to raise awareness for this important subject matter.

The Virtual Anti-Fraud Tech Fair streamed its grand opening on Sunday, 15 November, kicked off its main conferences from Monday to Friday and held its closing session on Saturday 21st of November.

All topics discussed in the fair emphasised on equipping fraud fighters with the necessary tools to stay ahead of potential fraud perpetrators. Such topics spanned from which technologies are most effective in helping organizations manage their fraud risk to which tools provide benefits that outweigh the costs, and How are organizations successfully harnessing the power of data and technology as part of their anti-fraud programs.

Anti-Fraud Tech Fair’ agenda included spotting anomalies, patterns, and trends with the “right” tools, forensic data analysis, fraud risk assessment based on “data” and demystifying AI in anti-fraud and compliance efforts among several other interesting topics. The individuals that presented are renowned professionals in the anti-fraud segment and this made for a carefully formulated virtual event that you should not miss!

Our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou was part of the speakers on Thursday, 19th of November. The presentation was on how to transform your client remote onboarding and covered:

  • Digital Identity – FATF Guidance overview
  • Risks and Challenges tackled by Digital ID systems
  • Liveness, eDV, Biometris, OCR, eIDV, Video Identification, AML screening, IP address Analysis/Geolocation Analysis, Smart Questionaire 
  • Orchestrate your Client Remote Onboarding Processes

About ACFE

ACFE is a foundation that in its core wants to provide awareness on anti-fraud and the knowledge to support future anti-fraud professionals worldwide through the funding of scholarships, endowments, research and other educational projects. The ACFE Foundation works to encourage students to pursue careers in fraud examination and provide resources for research on the detection and deterrence of fraud.

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