Transaction Monitoring & Profiling for Financial Institutions

Trust an  AML Solution with which you can monitor the behavior of your clients:

  • Set risk evaluation upon onboarding of clients 
  • Identify which transactions trigger alerts-cases 
  • Create your own set of rules for onboarding, ongoing monitoring and suspicions 
  • Tuning of Rules to minimize false positives
  • Identify possible fraud
  • Case Management Workflow
  • Automatic Email & SMS Actions to resolve cases
  • Be compliant, manage your cases as the regulator (CySEC) wishes
  • Manage your complaints as the regulator indicates
  • Manage your call assessment center
  • Gain business insights on your account managers
  • Protect your reputation
  • Integrate with Worldcheck, Worldcompliance, Experian, GBG, MT4, MT5
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