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The 9th Banking Forum and Fintech Expo Aftermath

The 9th Banking Forum and Fintech Expo successfully took place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, and made for yet another amazing event by IMH.

Formerly known as the ”annual Cyprus Banking Forum” it managed to live up to its reputable name and welcomed numerous professionals within the sector. Its thematology was the new business model of banks as a result of rapid technological changes and disruptive innovation.

Attendees got to find out what will the Bank of the future be like, what are the major changes that are coming for the banking sector and how is consumer behavior changing. 

Our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou was among the speakers of the event and more specifically took part in the Panel Discussion: Disruption and innovation in the Fintech market. The panel covered important and interesting topics such as:

  • Everybody believes that, in time, the regulatory regime for traditional and digital banks will become the same.
  • When is this expected to happen and what will be the consequences?
  • Banks are putting great efforts and resources into digitalization but what does this mean regarding their other
  • obligations (reporting, KYC procedures, capital requirements, etc.)? Is the necessary balance in place?
  • Is there a need for a Digital Bank in Cyprus? What should its vision be?
  • Changing the culture in banks to adapt and adjust to new technologies. Is there enough trust in the cloud?
  • What is expected to be the next stage in the evolution of Fintech?


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