How The Crypto War Will Be Won

For criminals, cryptocurrency was the best invention since the dark web! ‘Finally,’ cried the crooks of the world, ‘we have an untraceable money-laundering medium. Let’s have fun!’ And ever since, regulators have waged a losing battle… The dark web, floods of unregistered exchanges, and the anonymity of end-users have turned cryptocurrency into the proverbial hydra: […]

Crypto Currencies are on the Rise Again and Regulators are Taking Action

Cryptocurrencies are reliving a booming increase, similar to the one that happened during the mid-2018. This time crypto prices have accelerated into new heights, never seen in the industry. Bitcoin reached an all-time high on the 8th of January surpassing the $42,000 mark. (chart was taken from Etherium corrected its price with the start […]