Cryptocurrencies: An Avenue for Sanctions Evasion?

In recent years, the rise in cryptocurrencies’ popularity within the financial sphere has illuminated concerns about their potential misuse in evading sanctions. The decentralized nature and privacy-centric features of these digital currencies can, unfortunately, offer ample opportunities for bypassing sanctions restrictions. Why the Concern? Cryptocurrencies: Balancing Decentralization and Privacy Cryptocurrencies operate using blockchain technology, presenting an […]

How The Crypto War Will Be Won

For criminals, cryptocurrency was the best invention since the dark web! ‘Finally,’ cried the crooks of the world, ‘we have an untraceable money-laundering medium. Let’s have fun!’ And ever since, regulators have waged a losing battle… The dark web, floods of unregistered exchanges, and the anonymity of end-users have turned cryptocurrency into the proverbial hydra: […]