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Although shuffling through paper work, managing data and procedures management is  not practicing the law per se its none the less an integral part of the profession.

Studies even showcase that lawyers spent a relatively small percentage of time(less than 30%) on billable work each day with the rest being dedicated to the aforementioned management of procedures cycle. Technology offers software solutions that help the legal profession turn away from time consuming processes and help them grow their business.

iSPIRAL has earned the trust of legal firms by providing them with solutions that meet their needs. As an IT software solutions provider it has managed to truly comprehend the needs of the profession and offer LEGAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE  and CORPORATE SOLUTIONS  that simplify, streamline and coordinate effectively the work of lawyers. The features of these solutions are unique in the sense that they make the practice of law about the law.

Incorporating these solutions adds up to this:  they simplify administrative tasks with more time spent on focusing on clients and the firm. They organize your whole workflow with the sharing of information with your employee team.  Sharing, reporting, alerting and effective client management ultimately leads to anticipating changes and having insights on all things happening around your business setting.

The solutions provided by iSPIRAL provide that additional competitive advantage that helps legal firms be ahead.

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