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Partnering with AEWAKE- Reaching the French-Speaking African Market

As a leading European RegTek provider, iSPIRAL has developed high-end compliance solutions that can help companies and compliance officers globally. The firm maintains offices in two European countries and numerous international partnerships that span across three continents. Its Clientele consists of Major Banks, EMIs, Forex Brokers, Investment Firms, Payment Service Providers, Gaming and Gambling corporations and many other Financial Institutions.

The French-Speaking market of Africa

As of Wednesday, 10 of February 2021, AEWAKE is a partner of iSPIRAL. The agreement comes to strengthen the core value of iSPIRAL which is to fight financial crime, fraud, money laundering, human and drug trafficking globally.

AEWAKE is a well established digital services company based in Ivory Coast. It specialises in digital and open banking, instant pay solutions and monetary zone. The scope of the business is to help credit establishments and financial institutions to digitalise their approach and upgrade their financial services in the process.

From the collaboration with iSPIRAL, AEWAKE will be able to offer its clients the latest compliance solutions that are specifically tailored to revolutionise the financial sector. RegTek+ is a proven state-of-the-art solution that is preferred by international institutions including banks, investment firms and other digital payment transactions related corporations.


The RegTech Provider numbers 13 years of experience in helping financial institutions stay in-line with regulations. Its AML, KYC and client onboarding solutions are a statement in the compliance sector and can adapt to any country and jurisdiction worldwide. 

The firm includes technologies like machine learning and advanced analytics so it can provide advanced software that can automate tasks (e.g. Transaction Monitoring, Transaction Screening and Risk Assessment), provide real-time execution and minimise operational costs.

Partnerships are a vital part of iSPIRAL, as it maintains collaborations with the tech giant Microsoft and international brands like Logicom and Netinfo. Such collaborations helped in its successful run in Europe. The partnership with AEWAKE opens a whole new chapter involving the french-speaking financial sector of Africa and makes for an exciting challenge.

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