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New Year Resolutions that will help your Legal Firm grow !!!!!

Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a time for your Law firm to make some changes. Consider the following 3 firm resolutions for the New Year:

  1. Go paperless: A paperless office can be a difficult goal especially if you are surrounded by paper as you read this, but now is the time to start. What is needed to be done:
    • Buy a great desktop scanner like the ScanSnap Xi500 (about 300€ on Amazon).
    • Create a workflow for incoming paper and train your employees on how to follow the paperless procedure.
    • Import documents into your Legal Case Management or Corporate Administration or create a windows folder structure so you can find them easily.
    • Use interns to do the bulk scanning for you.
  2. Update your website and social media profile: Your website is the first point of contact with potential clients. Things that you need to do:
    • Make sure that your content and pictures are updated, accurate and best represent your firm.
    • Look at your website from the clients point of view and engage others to look at it to see what can be improved and updated.
    • Plan to include videos in your website to increase your rankings on Google. They can be produced with a video camera that you have in house or even from many cell phones.
    • Use Linkedin extensively to get new leads (connect with my linkedin profile and get a free consultation)
  3. Use Tablet & Smartphone Apps to Increase your Team’s Productivity :
    • TrialPad for iPAD – $89.99. TrialPad allows you and your team to:
      • Annotate – Callout important sections of documents or view documents side-by-side and annotate with multi-colored highlighters, pens, and laser pointers.
      • Present exhibits electronically – iPad 1 users just need a VGA cable and a projector screen or TV monitor, while iPad 2 or later users can use a VGA or HDMI cable or present wirelessly using Apple TV and a projector screen or monitor.
      • Manage files and cases – Importing via Dropbox or WebDAV retains your documents’ file and folder structure. Think of it like an electronic file cabinet. You can also easily create, view, sort, rename, search, move, delete, rotate, scroll, email, and print all your documents and cases.
      • Import evidence and work seamlessly with Dropbox, WebDAV, email,iTunes, or from another app
    • TranscriptPad for iPAD – $49.99. TranscriptPad enables you to:
      • Import transcripts and exhibits via email,Dropbox or iTunes.
      • Read and review transcripts anytime, anywhere.Reference exhibits easily as you read.
      • Read hands-free,create color-coded designations,flag or email critical sections, and generate reports.
      • Search for references quickly across a case,witness or deposition.
      • Collaborate with ease.Print or email detailed or summary reports.
    • ScannerPro for iPAD and iPhone – $2.99
      • Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies
      • Sign and scan contracts to email them back
      • Save interesting articles and book pages for further reading
      • Save it on cloud (evernote, dropbox, google drive)

iSPIRAL is a recognized leader providing high-impact IT Solutions to Law Firms.

By thinking strategically your firm will benefit throughout the year and beyond. Wishing you all the best in 2014.


Christos Ttiniozos

Managing Director

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