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Legal Case Management Software SUPER OFFER (valid for February only)

Legal Case Management Software SUPER OFFER (valid for February only)

895€  (your savings 50%)

iSPIRAL Legal Case Management Software is the cheapest and most flexible case management tool on the market .Some of it’s characteristics:

  1. Manage cases. Assign defendants. Keep information regarding court, case type, court number, lawyer, associates, third parties, joined cases etc
  2. For each case you can select main court processes that are added directly to the case history when completed. Manage Interim Applications and Memos
  3. Manage details of clients and employees
  4. Track communication for each case. Being able to view the incoming and outgoing emails linked to each client
  5. Setup Manual or Automatic Reminders for cases, wills, consulting services etc
  6. Daily Calendar of what is needed to be done
  7. Define reminders regarding cases, wills, consulting service or general subject
  8. Organize the secretarial work that needs to be done daily
  9. Print out a daily work task list for the court appearances.
  10. Document Management capabilities. Attach existing documents of any type (pictures, word, excel etc).
  11. Create and edit legal documents using templates or attach existing documents to any case, making the information accessible to the rest users
  12. Create and print expense list for each case.
  13. Print the auto generated “History Task List” to inform your client about the case details.
  14. Create contracts between the client and the lawyer who handled the particular client
  15. Manage wills
  16. Manage Consulting Services offered to clients and being able to convert it to a new case
  17. Manage employee’s case tasks
  18. Keep history of the completed tasks
  19. Get predefined fees of process servers per location and whether it has been delivered.
  20. Store information about court decisions, hearing/appearances, witnesses
  21. Create proformas and invoices, adding predefined charges or expenses. Manage payments of invoices
  22. Custom Dashboard for each user
  23. Improve profit potential with less time wasted on routine tasks
  24. Communication Engine (send custom SMS and emails automatically)
  25. Increase productivity by centralizing case and transactional information
  26. Integration with Google Calendar so you can see your reminders on your smartphone calendar

If you already have a case management software and you are not happy with it or you are paying a lot for the yearly support and maintenance we offer migration services for your existing data.

Benefits when using iSPIRAL Custom Software Services:

  • We commit to you that we can develop any changes requested within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Reduce your annual or once-off software cost by more than 60%
  • Increase your employee productivity by more than 50%.
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