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Look no further for screening Financial Crime

Ensuring Risk Control Mechanisms and a real sense of Compliance is not an easy task as Criminal activity and Fraud are disguised and maneuvered into various forms.

The immediate outcome resulting from financial crime is without a doubt the damaging effects of financial penalties/fines, and to an even more destructive scale the loss of your Goodwill. Once your brand name is hurt there is not much to be done to safeguard your business presence.

Although a lot of entities profess that they hold the “magic potion” in Risk screening solutions, this belief is most of the times unfounded.

There are three basic parameters a business processional should be after and seriously measured against when introducing tools in his/her Risk assessment process. It all comes down to a solution that will be built on:

  • PRICING MODESTY (not minimising quality standards)

Such a dynamic force in Risk Assessment can be found in Acuris Risk Intelligence which iSPIRAL is proud to partner and offer it’s lists through and iSPIRAL software solutions.

What makes Acuris Risk Intelligence Database Lists so Intelligent?

  • Strong and Trusted Name for Professionals around the world:

Acuris is amongst the best/high ranking Risk Intelligence Companies in the world with accumulated knowledge and unique expertise in Financial Crime Risk Management/ Assessment

  • It has risen to be acknowledged one of the best providers of data for due diligence and compliance management. Acuris Risk Intelligence provides world class data on:​
  • Sanction Lists
  • PEP List​s​
  • Black​lists​ and White Lists
  • Corporate  Registries​
  • ​Adverse Media
  • The solution of Acuris Risk Intelligence uses human intelligence and algorithms to identify risks related with existing and prospective clients.
  • Acuris Risk Intelligence Database lists combines a world-class dataset – including fraud and cybersecurity parameters– and along with human analysts and radical technology helps organisations manage the risk in business relationships effectively.
  • Competitive Prices against other solutions in the Market: A resourceful, easy and radical tool, Acuris is a high value mechanism that is provided at reasonable rates/prices without compromising its quality features
  • Wealth Management Dynamic: The solution provides an in depth understanding of the Risk Exposure of entities, ensuring robust risk management and  Wealth Assessment (A unique perspective in assessing interrelated relationships:close associates, relatives, as a way to determine risk level)
  • Dynamic Functionality in the provision of Due Diligence and enhanced Due Diligence Report
  • Versatile Dynamic: Acuris Risk Intelligence is the ideal risk screening solution both in time and resource saving, providing Sanctions, PEP list & Adverse Media data. A snapshot of the profile of Individuals and entities is captured upon on client boarding throughout the business relationship determining the level of Risk Exposure
  • False Positive Reduction: Acuris Risk Intelligence facilitates the reduction of false positives. The functionality of “Monitoring and Search” employs the configuration of various data including adverse media for financial crime identification and risk control
  • Ongoing Monitoring: This high impact tool satisfies the great need that organisations within the financial  sphere continuously and pressingly request from their risk assessment software vendors: The need for ongoing Monitoring and flexibility in Risk Assessment

The partnership between Acuris and iSPIRAL creates a dynamic duo in Financial Risk Assessment.

iSPIRAL has  long ago grasped the dynamic and volatile business environment of Financial organisations and how risk defines their business well being.

Striving to provide a comprehensive approach in Risk Control and Management iSPIRAL offers a holistic KYC/ AML Solution that includes Risk Screening as well as Risk Rating, ongoing Monitoring, Adverse news screening, Transaction Monitoring etc

What are the real gains of such a holistic point of View in KYC/AML as it is offered by iSPIRAL?

  • Due diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence procedures
  • Time and cost saving  with regards to  Risk Monitoring
  • Integrating features that  allow for greater functionality in Risk Control
  • Clear and direct Business Objectives: As a business you should place your Profit making business concerns ahead of your Compliance and Risk stress. The latter is placed in the trusting hands of iSPIRAL and ACURIS as well as other radical and  innovative vendors

LEARN MORE – Participate at our forthcoming Webinar

An insightful and crucial webinar will take place next Thursday 6th of December

The forthcoming webinar give an overview on how Acuris Risk Intelligence works throughout your Risk Assessment Process. It is open to all professionals that wish to take their risk control management to the a next level of effectiveness and reliability.

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