iSPIRAL: Serving the Global community through the state-of-the-art technology

The region’s leading regulatory technology software provider, iSPIRAL has enjoyed exponential growth over the last two years. Since 2019, the company has seen overseas sales quadruple to 80 per cent of total thanks to its ground-breaking solutions and tight-knit team of committed experts.

Delivering unparalleled services in 22 countries around the world, iSPIRAL serves international clients on a daily basis. Expanding over the last few years into markets unreached by other Cyprus-based regtech firms, iSPIRAL now serves organisations worldwide, from the Middle East and Europe to the Americas and Asia. Amongst the company’s 400-plus distinguished clients are 65 Banks and Payment firms, 70 Investment firms, and a wealth of organisations from the Financial, Forex, Gaming, Insurance, and Crypto sectors.

Serving the World

Providing state-of-art AML, KYC, Risk and Compliance solutions, and partnering with regulatory bodies, industry experts, and data analysts to ensure that clients’ operations are secure, efficient and effortlessly compliant, iSPIRAL is motivated by the creation of a world without financial crime.

“From our establishment in 2007, the driving force that led us to evolve and excel is our scope,” says Director Tasos Ttiniozou. “At iSPIRAL we envision a world without financial crime, money laundering, human and drug trafficking, or fraud; a world that is safer and better for all.”

The company’s advanced RegTek+ solution is a valuable tool in this compliance revolution. With its unique software that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and big data analytics, RegTek+ is able to detect fraud, money laundering, and human and drug trafficking accurately and in near real time.

Our Mission and Vision

The Ideal RegTech Experience

“iSPIRAL’s unique regulatory technology software supplies corporations worldwide with unparalleled methods of compliance,” explains Tasos Ttiniozou. “Innovatively designed to include bespoke solutions in areas including AML Risk Assessment, Transaction Monitoring & Screening, Digital Identity Verification & Screening (iKYC), it allows our clients to create the ideal onboarding, KYC & AML experience for their customers.”

Created with exemplary machine learning capabilities, this software automates and accelerates any number of vital tasks such as data gathering and analysis from multiple sources, all whilst ensuring compliance officers remain updated on the latest regulatory changes in multi-jurisdiction level.

At the same time, the innovative capabilities of modules such as the AML Transaction Monitoring Solution allow organisations who deal in cryptocurrency to access real-time risk ranking and scoring, flexible rules and scenarios, dynamic risk scoring, case/alert management and machine learning analysis.

“Our goal from the start has been to provide state-of-the art solutions that enable any organisation to remain totally compliant and risk-free in the face of a constantly evolving market and ever more complex criminal activity,” says Tasos Ttiniozou.


A Culture of Support

With a twofold focus on continuous innovation and the wellbeing of its staff, iSPIRAL has garnered numerous top industry awards. “We are extremely proud of the recognition we have received, a testament to the dedication of our expert staff, and the overall culture of the firm,” says Tasos Ttiniozou.

Founded by Christos and Tasos Ttiniozou, iSPIRAL has evolved into a global business that has firmly placed Cyprus on the regulatory technology world map. And much of this success, says Tasos Ttiniozou, can be attributed to the company’s corporate culture of unceasing support for its tight-knit team of professionals.

 “At iSPIRAL, we excel not only in providing breakthrough regulatory technology solutions. We also work diligently to establish an ideal workplace, creating flat hierarchies and a supportive environment in which staff are openly encouraged to share their ideas; to constantly learn, create, and grow.”

With the establishment of its iMATTER programme, iSPIRAL has prioritised employee work/life balance. “We actively practise equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion, a reconciliation of work and family life, the training and development of employees, and a condemnation of harassment,” says Tasos Ttiniozou.


A Community Leader

“Outside the workplace, we also strive to give back wherever we see the opportunity,” Tasos Ttiniozou continues. From the very start, we recognised that iSPIRAL isn’t just about business: it’s an integral part of both global and local communities. Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental aspect of our ethos, and we are proud to be actively involved in community efforts, such as sponsoring local events, donating to non-profit organisations, and implementing environmentally-friendly policies within the workplace.”

It’s this progressive mind-set that has guaranteed flourishing relationships with staff and clients, ensured products and services remain firmly future-oriented, and has – over the last two years – seen iSPIRAL become a global frontrunner in a constantly-evolving industry.  “At iSPIRAL, we never stop improving,” concludes Tasos Ttiniozou. “We see our clients, our staff and our products as part of one, constantly evolving family.

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