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iSPIRAL sponsored the Cyprus Anti – Fraud Conference that took place at Hilton Park Hotel on the 14th of March.

It was an event aiming to enhance participants Anti – Fraud Knowledge, helping them to become effective in fighting business fraud. With international speakers discussing the latest developments in the field, the event set the framework for a productive discussion on modern fraud avoidance techniques and presented recent case studies of anti-fraud practices.

Within this framework of discussion, iSPIRAL presented its high impact software solutions of Premium AML & KYC Compliance and Governance, Risk and Compliance, tools that add to Fraud Management policies.  With the aspiration to be a trusted business advisor to its clients providing them with solutions that help them overcome challenges and make informed and safe business decisions, iSPIRAL’s compliance and anti-fraud tools add to an organization’s fraud management checks.

The aim of the Cyprus Anti-fraud Conference was to help contribute to a healthier business ecosystem by improving trust, transparency and accountability. It was an unparalleled networking event that presented a holistic view on the reality of the modern anti-fraud profession and iSPIRAL is proud to have contributed to this effort.

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