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iSPIRAL Proud Sponsor of Anti-Financial Crime Symposium – ACAMS

The Anti-Financial Crime Symposium hosted by ACAMS successfully took place on 6th of February, at The Landmark Nicosia, and we had the honor to participate and experience every bit of it.

Its thematology was “Perceptions vs Reality: Fighting Financial Crime in International Business” and the Keynote Speakers couldn’t cover it in more depth, making it a ”You Should be Here” event. The participants were key people working in the sector with which we had the opportunity to have a face-to-face talk expressing our concerns and share our ideas and thoughts.

From the gathering we acquired knowledge on how reputational risks can affect financial crime and how to manage communications as a tactical strategy aiming to eliminate them. Presentators gave an on-point regulatory guidance providing solutions on how to mitigate financial crime risks linked to virtual asset service providers. However, what set the bar higher was the interactivity achieved by the use of practical training  covering all three lines of defence in financial services.

iSPIRAL was a proud sponsor of the event. The team presented its solutions to the emerging issues indicated during the day, including its latest development, RegTek Platform. A regulatory technology software that incorporates modules specifically crafted to fight financial crime to its core, enhanced with Machine Learning, and AML and Anti-Fraud Analytics.

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