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iSPIRAL participates at the Legal Conference Common Law in Europe

Hosted by the Cyprus Bar Association, the two-day ‘Legal Conference – Common Law in Europe’ event was sponsored by iSPIRAL, the region’s leading regulatory technology software provider.

Held at the Columbia Plaza in Limassol on June 16 and 17, the Conference saw the island’s most prestigious law firms meet to discuss current and future legal matters, including those that pertain to digital issues such as the role of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a digital economy.

As sponsors of the event, the iSPIRAL team enjoyed the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the elite of the legal sector, as well as with prestigious participants from overseas.

“It was a privilege to be in such distinguished, forward-thinking company,” said [name], [title], a member of the iSPIRAL team who attended the event on behalf of the company. “Regulatory technology is absolutely crucial for any firm wishing to compete in the legal sphere: in today’s world, almost every aspect of the law is closely influenced by digital technology, from the regulation of financial markets to sanctions emplacement from both a legal and financial perspective, and the legal angle as relates to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

These and other crucial topics were amongst those discussed in the eight sessions, which were chaired by prominent figures such as the Former President of the Supreme Court of Cyprus, Professors at Law, and noteworthy QCs and Advocates.

Exemplifying the crossover between digital technology and the law, iSPIRAL’s state-of-the-art solutions deliver seamless client onboarding while automating and simplifying risk assessment, reducing compliance costs and increasing operational efficiency.

 “KYC, AML, fraud detection and prevention, identity verification and screening – all these can be especially challenging to firms representing clients across multiple jurisdictions,” said [name]. “At iSPIRAL, with our sound understanding of such challenges, we offer tailormade digital solutions that include RegTek+ Risk Assessment for medium to large firms, as well as the Velos Software Platform, which comprises comprehensive modularised software solutions for Corporate Administration, KYC/AML, Time Management, Billing, Immigration, and GDPR.”

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