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iSPIRAL named one of 10 Equal Opportunities Employers in Cyprus

iSPIRAL, Cyprus’ leading provider of regulatory technology software solutions, is proud to have been named an Equal Opportunities Employer by the National Business Certification Body for the Implementation of Good Gender Equality Practices in the Working Environment.

Held under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Security, the Certification acknowledges those organisations which have successfully emplaced and implemented stringent HR policies ensuring gender equality, equal promotion opportunities and equal pay in the workplace, along with a sustainable work/life balance.


In 2019, just 10 firms in Cyprus successfully completed the certification, which involved a stringent audit process, a thorough assessment of all relevant policies and materials, and personal interviews with every member of the iSPIRAL team.  

“This Certification validates our primary corporate philosophy of Trust, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration, Service, Innovation and Gratitude,” says Christos Ttiniozou, iSPIRAL’s Managing Director who, together with his brother, Executive Director Tasos Ttiniozou, founded the business in 2007.

“As a company, we have been actively engaged in developing Regulatory Technology solutions for 10 years, delivering superior services to organisations worldwide,” adds Ttiniozou. “But superior services will always require superior personnel. And that means we, as a team, must focus on nurturing a working environment in which every one of our people is heard, valued, and able to flourish.”


The following are amongst the Human Resource Policies which secured iSPIRAL’s Equal Opportunities Employer certification:

Reconciliation of work and family life

The founding members of iSPIRAL place great value on ensuring all employees enjoy a healthy work/life balance. The HR Strategy of the organisation includes a flexible time schedule for employees; encourages the involvement of families in office events (marathons, tree plantings, social gatherings, etc.); supports the family unit by ensuring a smooth transition for parents during and after maternity or paternity leave; and advocates an annual “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”

Equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion 

iSPIRAL recruits and promotes professional staff on the basis of qualitative characteristics, irrespective of gender, and 42% of the company’s Senior Management personnel are female.

Training and Development

All members and departments of the organisation also receive professional development regardless of rank, position or gender, and training is carefully scheduled so as not to interfere with family life. 

Condemnation of Sexual Harassment

iSPIRAL condemns any form of sexual harassment in the workplace, and adopts strict practices in dealing with and eliminating such incidents. This policy is crucial to the organisation, and is included in all Employee Contracts.

Equal Pay

Equal Pay has been one of the cornerstones of the iSPIRAL’s Equal Opportunities policy from day one. All employees performing the same job at iSPIRAL receive equal pay, regardless of gender, age, or background.

Far from resting on their laurels, iSPIRAL has been spurred on by their recent Certification, and is now launching iMATTER: a holistic HR Initiative which will develop additional policies in support of a healthy work environment for all its employees. 

“We’re immensely proud to have been recognised as an Equal Opportunities Employer,” Ttiniozou concludes. “At iSPIRAL, we’re about constant innovation. And that means we’re not only delivering pioneering products and services, but also providing our employees with a ground-breaking workplace in which to thrive and grow as individuals.”  

Please have a look on the event ceremony which took place at the Landmark Hotel Nicosia:

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