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iSPIRAL at the Cyprus Institute of International Auditors Seminar:”AML- From the International Auditor’s Eyes”

It was a full house at the Cyprus Institute of  Internal Auditors Seminar: “AML – from the Internal Auditor’s eyes” which took place at Cleopatra Hotel on the 19th of September 2019.

The objective of the Seminar, as  it was set out in the program’s agenda, was to provide participants (Internal Auditors, Compliance Officers and Legal Advisors in an organization, both in the private and public sectors) knowledge and skills needed in handling all Anti-Money Laundering presented in their organizations.

It was a half day event with insightful presentations on the major  issues of legal and regulatory requirements, duties and responsibilities of the Internal Audit and Compliance functions regarding AML.

Christos Ttiniozou, Managing Director of iSPIRAL gave his own presentation on how and why Technology Advancements  are of true essence when dealing with AML matters.

Christos presented the important challenges on AML which may relate to :

  • Large amounts of Transactions
  • Assessments made on past trends
  • The occurrence of False Positives
  • New Payment Methods
  • Data Silos 

Overcoming these AML challenges can be easily facilitated with the aid of technology. To this end, delegates had the opportunity to find out how to achieve best practices on onboarding/ KYC / Monitoring, with Document Verification, Liveness Detection, Negative Lists Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring etc.

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