GDPR Automated Solution by iSPIRAL

Your organisation may already address selected elements of the new General Data Protection Regulation but, without a cohesive automated solution, you run the risk being fined up to 20 million euros – a figure which would ruin even the strongest of companies.

This is why iSPIRAL has developed the cohesive Automated GDPR Solution: a fully comprehensive software solution which continuously correlates, secures, assesses, and reports on all your data and data processing; provides an effective Risk Registry; and secures the expertise of Data Protection Officers to ensure your organisation is completely compliant, risk free, and fully in line with the law.


As you’re probably aware, the GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018. It’s a set of rules covering everything to do with the privacy of the individual, including security regulations, assessment, reporting, data quality importability, and certifications. And the Regulation states that you, as someone who is conducting business within the European Union and European Economic Area, are legally required to account for all of your data in transit, wherever it resides.

At the same time, GDPR also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas, as well as the import of data into the region – in effect, generating a stringent new global standard for the movement of information, and creating a policy to which the rest of the world must adhere. 


Adhering to the GDPR Regulations is a task far beyond the capabilities of any single individual or corporate division. Not only do you have to ensure all your current data and informational transactions are legal, every new piece of information which enters the system must be assessed and updated. Which is why the vast majority of enterprises are now utilising an Automated GDPR Solution.

Hugely beneficial to any organisation of any size, Automated GDPR Solutions are designed to remove the stress of complying with the Regulation, simplifying and streamlining the essential procedures. A good compliance solution will protect your brand and avert associated fines and penalties by:

  • Identifying and rectifying risks associated with data protection, whilst providing insights and model estimations as to future breaches
  • Delivering executive-level visibility and reporting
  • Demonstrating accountability and compliance in the event of a regulatory sweep, equipping you with supporting documentation
  • Continuously assessing and updating your data compliance


Our state-of-the-art iSPIRAL Automated GDPR Solution provides all this and more, delivering system-agnostic automated remediation capabilities whilst affording the deepest level of insight and control. This Solution will:

  • Conduct GDPR Compliant Assessment, continuously monitor GDPR Compliant Assessment progress and completion, and schedule future Compliance Assessments
  • Attach supportive Documents, including the production of relevant reports and dashboards
  • Maintain a GDPR Risk Registry, defining possible risk and calculating the risk level, whilst setting mitigating actions and revising the risk assessment
  • Conduct a GDPR Audit

All of which ensure that your organisation is completely in line with the new Regulations, relieving you of both the worry and potential financial penalties of non-compliance.

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