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EPAY Europe Summit 2021 Aftermath

The EPAY Europe Summit 2021 came to an end and made for an industry-defining event. The digital event’s thematology was on the future of European payments and the vital rule they currently possess.

EPAY was separated into three core themes:

  • Diversity in Innovation: It covered who are the merchant payments of tomorrow, what are the upcoming payment trends and the role of neobanks
  • THE BIG “MCOMMERCE”: what are the future trends on payments and how they can be regulated, the impact of ARVR and the effect of “Buy Now PayLater”
  • UPPING YOUR SECURITY GAME: It showcased AI and machine learning and how they can revolutionise the combat against hackers, the criticality of secure big data and the importance of integrating AI and machine learning into payment processes.

Our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou was one of the speakers of the third core theme “UPPING YOUR SECURITY GAME” and a part of a panel that gave never-heard-before insights on the hot topic of AI and machine learning and how it can drive seamless operations and secure payments and data.

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