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Corporate Administration Software SUPER OFFER (valid for February only)

Corporate Administration Software SUPER OFFER (valid for February Only)

1300€  (your savings 40%)

iSPIRAL Corporate Administration Software is the most affordable and reliable Corporate software in Cyprus. Some of it’s characteristics:

  • Easy to navigate system
  • Clear step by step procedure in setting up a company
  • All forms of the Company House ready to be printed upon entry in the system. Department of Registrar of Companies Documents and other documents that are generated/populated automatically by our software: Name Registration letter, Name Reapplication letter, Name Change application letter, HE1, HE2, HE3, HE4, HE5, HE12, HE14, HE15,HE16, HE20, HE22, HE57, HE32I, HE32D, HE32KX, HE28 , HE31, HE24Y, HE24E, EE1, AE1, AE2, AE3, AE4, AE5, AE6, AE8, Government levy, Letter to Registrar, M&A, Consent letters, Minutes of first meeting, Notice of special resolution, Minutes of Special resolution, Notice of AGM and Minutes of AGM.
  • One-click document producing HE1, HE2, HE3 and finalising the client file
  • Flexible and easy to use Document Management
  • Task Management that allows teams to monitor work progress
  • Alerts on all important events and filings
  • Access to user-friendly system configuration
  • A system that can easily be customised in a short time
  • Applies to all jurisdictions with emphasis to Cyprus jurisdiction
  • Time and billing easily handled and monitored
  • Most frequent corporate templates ready to be produced by the click of a button
  • Template producing support system
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