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Client Onboarding Interactive Webinar

On the 25th of June, we delivered a fully informative and interactive webinar, engaging our attendees with the functionalities of our client onboarding solution. Our Senior Business Analysts, Marina Sizinou, delivered an insightful presentation on how to improve your KYC and in advance your Client Onboarding, creating a seamless transition.

The webinar covered client onboarding practices across the world and the technologies that can help companies offer a pleasant and fast experience to their clients and a breakthrough tool to their compliance officers at the same time. A live demonstration of face recognition and liveness detection were included in the presentation to showcase the quickness and accuracy of the solution.

The webinar followed Q&A where Christos Ttiniozou, our Managing Director, gave descriptive examples to attendees issues and challenges.

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To find out more about client onboarding you can visit RegTek+ on our website and go to KYC Onboarding & Profiling.

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